Protect your Employee Health and Protect your Company at the Same Time! 

  • We will provide both you and your employees with the highest quality of medical management for injuries and illnesses that may occur during employment by utilizing a HIPPA compliant telemedicine platform to provide a real-time face-to-face assessment by one of our licensed providers on a 24/7 basis. 
  • Our virtual assessment begins moments following an accident or illness and our direction and coordination continues with our case management team through the referral and follow up processes and return to work phase

Benefits of our Industrial Triage Program include:
  • Rapid face-to-face telemedicine screening and assessment of injured or ill employees
  • Referrals to appropriate levels of care allowing for better outcomes, quicker return to work and minimized lost time
  • Prevention of unnecessary diagnostics and overtreatment · Decrease in overall injury management cost and lost wages
  • Affiliation with a network of clinics around the country to provide care for your employee while collaberating their care through our office.

How we differ from our competitors:
  • Our initial injury assessment is with a licensed provider via a face-to-face telemedicine platform on a 24/7 basis. Most of our competitors offer a phone triage with a registered nurse.
  • Electronic Medical Records with an online employer portal, all at no cost to you. You own your employee health records and have unfettered access to them 24/7.
  • Our cost is an all-inclusive flat monthly rate based off your total number of employees. We are not a law firm and will not bill you for every fax, phone call or email we send.
Our Mission at On-Site Medical Solutions is to provide our clients with high-quality, high-value healthcare solutions that improve the overall health and productivity of their employees. We offer a value-based approach which provides employees, employers, and payors with the best outcomes and patient experiences, at the most appropriate cost by working with your employee from the moment an injury or illness occurs.

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